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  • Recalculating Route

    It’s not always easy to follow a plan. Have you ever looked at your GPS and thought “I know a faster way”? As you see cars turning off at an exit before the one you’re routed to take you begin to wonder, “Should I get off there instead?” Quickly designing an alternate route by looking at the map, wondering if the result of “recalculating route” will put you ahead of schedule or cause you to lose precious time. You have seconds to make a decision. Do you panic and take the unknown exit? Or follow the outlined path?

  • Potential Tax Implications for Tuition Refunds

    With campuses closing due to the coronavirus pandemic, many colleges are refunding a prorated portion of tuition and/or room and board costs. However, if you used funds from a 529 plan to pay for those education expenses, the refunded amounts may warrant further consideration.

  • The Race for PPP

    I was late for a race once, well, almost. Technically I was and should have been, but I got lucky because the race started late. I signed up for a 10k to test my fitness as I began marathon training, so I was already out of my comfort zone. It seemed nothing went according to plan this weekend. Packet pick up was confusing, I had to register on site, our hotel was 10 miles from the start when I expected it was just one. Come race day, I woke up 15 minutes before start time. At this point, all “plans” were out the window.

  • Freedom Days

    Let me tell you about what has to be one of travels best kept secrets: Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico.  The cobblestone streets of Sayulita are lined with street tacos, fresh churros, the smell of fresh pastries.  You can hear the waves of the Pacific Ocean crash into the cove of this sleepy surfer town where locals and tourists slowly meander through the streets intrigued by the boutique shops, handmade crafts, and the next freshly hand squeezed margarita. 

  • Delegate to Genius

    For years I used this example of why you’d hire a plumber and not do it yourself, and then it happened.  I came home after work to find water all over the bathroom floor, the rug soaked, a puddle beneath the sink.  In the example I’d say, “I could probably find a video on YouTube, make the list, buy the parts, and get it done myself.  But it would take me a lot longer than it should, I would be full of frustration, I’d want someone to double check it, and then I’d always wonder if it was actually ok, when is it going to break again?  Walking in the door and going straight to check the bathroom floor should not be a routine.”  But now it was real, in this moment I wanted to close the bathroom door, walk away, and pretend it wasn’t there.  Fortunately, the logical side of my brain took control-and I called the plumber.