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  • Can I Have a Do Over!?

    Sometimes hindsight really is 20/20 and other times we made big decisions because of the year 2020. For many people, the induced recession created a change in their finances, their income, or even their employment. Over the course of the last year I talked with a number of people who transitioned out of their career for one reason or another and consequently, many filed for Social Security sooner than they had once anticipated. Months later, I am now receiving messages from people who are sharing the good news that they are going back to work! For some, they are realizing they no longer need their Social Security benefits to provide their income and wish they had waited to file. Their question to me is, “can I get a do over?”

  • What about Social Security?

    I spend hours each week helping determine the right way for people to file for Social Security.  Determining the why, how, when is crucial to the overall impact of one’s financial plan and how it will affect themselves and their spouse in the long run of life.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions clients are asking when it comes to their Social Security Benefits.