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  • Q1 Review Brought to You From My Living Room

    With the first quarter of the year behind us we’ve had no shortage of things to talk about.  In just a few months we’ve experienced a drastic number of changes yet with challenge comes opportunity.  In this video, I’ve recapped the quarter activity and what we’re currently working on as we make the most of this situation.  I’ve shared a few of the ways I’m aligning clients to capitalize your situation as navigate our way back to normal. 

  • Stick to the Plan

    Over the past couple of weeks the markets have experienced a high level of volatility in response to the healthcare crisis.

  • Tax Benefits of Retirement Plans - Retirement Plan Insights

    What exactly are the employer benefits for offering a retirement plan? Watch this short video to learn more about the tax benefits.

  • 20/20 Vision - Q4 Update

    2020 is now in full swing and it’s been motivating to hear about people’s goals and plans for the year.  As we navigate our way through, I’ve recognized a theme to the questions many are asking. 

  • Coasting - 2nd Quarter Update Video

    Three key takeaways from the quarter while looking ahead are:

    1. We do think the Fed will cut rates by the end of the year
    2. Earnings growth looks to continue-at a slow pace
    3. Some cash yields are higher than current inflation, but this won’t last-think long term about where you should have your assets