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Delegate to Genius

Shortly after I made the call, a nice gentleman showed up to work on the sink.  He started to explain what he was going to do, what he thought, what the process would be.  I kindly interrupted to inform him to do whatever had to be done, I only cared to know that the sink would work again when he left.  Until then, I’d be in the living room working on my own work and he could let me know if he needed anything-I’d just stay out of the way! 

The good news was it was a simple fix, he was in and out in 30 minutes, and I was left with complete confidence that all the water would stay where it’s supposed to be.  So why did I feel great about calling the plumber for a simple, quick repair when I probably could have fumbled, fought, and persistently worked through it myself for a little less money?  The time, the energy, the confidence, and the skillset.  I called the genius. 

From the moment I picked up the phone, I delegated the task to someone who was trained, experienced, and prepared to take this on.  I chose to allow him to do something he is really great at and in turn allow me to be more confident and less stressed about the process and ultimately the outcome.  I got to spend that time on my own work, what I am good at, while he did the same.  It was a no brainer.  Given the situation again 10 times out of 10 I would make that call again. 

The truth is, every time we do something we don’t want to do we are robbing someone else of something they want to do.  Instead of thinking of it as trading money for service, remember you are trading time, confidence, energy, and results.  You might even find you’re not paying so much when you understand the value of delegating the tasks to the genius!